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For over 30 years, the RichLine Solutions team has been helping businesses, nonprofits, and ministries achieve their next level of success! We’re passionate about your success and offer personalized attention to develop strategies for sustained growth and long-term impact.

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Your success is directly related to the systems driving daily operations. We’ll help you identify administrative inefficiencies, create systems to streamline operations, and train your staff to embody your organization’s distinctives and values.
Your brand communicates who you are and why your products or services matter. Let RichLine Solutions help you identify your target audience, hone your message, and deliver life-changing communications that advance your objectives.  We’ll help your brand sing and equip you to take your message to the world.
When the old ways of doing business have stopped working, we bring a fresh set of eyes to your challenges. We come alongside you and use your existing resources in innovative ways to achieve new levels of success. Whether you need leadership coaching, staff training, or a stronger brand, we are your solution.
The barriers that prevent organizations from reaching their goals can take many forms. From administrative obstacles to branding hurdles, RichLine Solutions is passionate about helping you and your organization break through the barriers limiting your growth to build a legacy of success.
In-depth valuation of your current staff to identify areas in need of perfecting will set you up for the WIN! Get serious about your next level achievements and let RichLine Solutions develop disciplined, skilled leaders and synergistic, well-honed teams that go the distance.

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Your success is directly related to efficiently solving the systems and operational puzzles that challenge the forward moving of your daily operations. We offer a fresh perspective to assess the effectiveness of your infrastructure and streamline processes to revolutionize productivity.

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The mark of strength and distinction as an organization is its brand. RichLine Solutions works with you to craft a trustworthy and stately image as well as helps you showcase your great reputation in the marketplace.  Be fierce and powerful in your respective market and dominate with an iconic brand design by RichLine Solutions!

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Our event architects help you compose and arrange memorable brand events, large scale or small, together with exciting promotional materials, and targeted follow-up campaigns. Allow RichLine Solutions an opportunity to modernize your traditional processes to deliver an awe-inspiring event!

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Don’t be a pawn in your marketplace. Is it time to breathe new life into your programming? We know that every dollar counts, so we create programs with laser-sharp focus that meet your constituents’ real and perceived needs. RichLine Solutions causes your advances within your market sphere to be rook-like in their precision. It’s your move!

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Raise awareness about your organization, its mission, products or service offerings by connecting with key stakeholders through innovative, engaging campaigns. We get to know you, your unique parts and gears to develop strategies and products that are not only effective, but genuinely position you for significant success in the marketplace.

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RichLine Solutions

“What’s In A Name?” - Juliet Capulet
The first portion of our family name. The word means wealth, ample provision, and grand style. It conveys the level of service and personalized attention our firm provides each client and project.
Legacy. Developing breakthrough growth strategies and establishing systems that yield years of profitability. Building your organization’s legacy is the heart of what we do.
We take organizations from where they are to where they desire to be. We specialize in solving the challenges and breaking the barriers that stand in the way of their next level of success.
RichLine Solutions founder, Holley Richardson, has served in government, corporate, ministry administration, and leadership development for over 30 years. Holley launched RichLine Solutions in 2011 out of a desire to help leaders and organizations move from surviving to thriving. She combines years of professional experience with a unique ability to communicate vision and develop simple solutions to complex problems.
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RichLine’s team of experienced consultants work around the nation and the world. We are comfortable working remotely, but we’ll also go where you need us!
Executives • Product Developers • Web Designers • Web Masters • Accountants • Administrators • Publishers • Publicists & Public Relations Experts • Copywriters • Editors • Paginators • Graphic Designers • Videographers & Producers

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To be whole as you guide your business or organization, teams and clients is an imperative. One definition of integrity is to be unified. John Maxwell, a distinguished authority on leadership, said “people of integrity do not suffer from duplicity or hypocrisy. They are single-minded in their pursuits. They are open and have nothing to hide."  His seven elements of integrity are worth a quick mention here.

  • Integrity Builds Trust - Leadership is not based on one’s position in an organization, but in that person’s influence.  
  • Integrity Has High-Influence Value - The character of the leader will decide the character of the organization.  
  • Integrity Facilitates High Standards - Leaders must hold themselves to a high standard. They cannot tell the followers to do as they say and not as they do.
  • Integrity Results in a Solid Reputation, Not Just an Image - As long as there is congruity between who you are internally and externally, there is no problem for the leader.
  • The Importance of Integrity in Leadership - Leaders are not able to lead people any farther than they have been. There are no shortcuts; integrity is built over the long haul.
  • Integrity Helps a Leader Be Credible, Not Just Clever - Cleverness relies upon tricks and gimmicks which never last. Integrity is sincere and gives no false appearance.  
  • Integrity is a Hard Won Achievement - Strength of character is not won overnight. To test one’s integrity, people must simply ask if they are true to themselves, their leaders, and their followers.         

Embracing integrity is a process and we challenge you to ask the tough questions because the answers are crucial to the effectiveness of your company, organization or life success. Let us know today, on Facebook or Twitter, whether these tips helped and why!

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